Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Everyone can dance – says the master of street dance (and me!)

One of my favourite TV programmes at the moment is Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew (which is on Sky 1 on Sunday evenings).  Ashley’s mission is to prove that he can get the most unlikely of dancers (so far including a group of darts players and fantasy role play geeks) to get poppin’, locking and body shakin’ like the best of them!  All the rehearsals are done in secret so that their friends and families get a real surprise when it comes to the performance.
Why I probably connect with this programme is that it reminds me of many of the wedding dances and hen party dances that I have choreographed where groups of friends (generally non-dancers) learn an incredible routine to surprise and wow the wedding guests on the big day.   The response from loved ones is always phenomenal and of course, well deserved.
What this tv programme and my personal experiences prove is that Ashley is right and that everyone can dance.  No matter what their background, personality or experience, with a bit of practice and determination, everyone can release their inner dancer (and most importantly, have fun in the process!)
So, if you’re thinking of doing a surprise group wedding dance or getting a group of hens together to learn a routine on your hen do, take inspiration from Banjo’s darts players and geeks and you can impress your family and friends too!

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