Monday, 11 July 2011

Great first dance shots

There are so many fantastic first wedding dance photos out there I thought I would put together some of my favourites! 

My first favourites are of a couple in Oxford who had wedding dance lessons with me earlier this year Catherine and Chris. They did a fantastic jive and I particularly love the lift shot! We had such fun wedding rock-and-roll style!

I recently came across this picture which really seems to capture the joy the bride and groom were having during their dance! Just shows how you can go wild during your dance if you want!

 Claire and Terry had a lovely traditional waltz to Moon River but couldn't help spicing it up with a few lifts. I particularly like the aerial shot
Photo by Eliza Claire
Photo by Eliza Claire

Speaking of aerial shots - this one is awesome!

I can`t resist the show-off bride and groom shots! Here are some of my favourites........
Photo by Danielle Finley Photography
Photo by Anahi Navarro Photography

And finally the perfect romantic shot - what it is all about!

Photo by Jasmine Star

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