Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ryan and Gemmas First Waltz

Routine learned in only two hours!

It was such fun working with this lovely couple. They wanted to go for a traditional waltz but to a quite modern song, and Gemma had fallen in love with the great Sam Brown song Valentine Moon. It is a great song!

I started by teaching them the basic box step (see earlier post here on how to do this.)  Once they had got the hang of that we started to play around with it and have some fun with the steps. We kept the first verse quite on the spot, then as they had space to work with at the venue, we began to use the floor for the second verse.

By the chorus the confidence was there so we tried some more fancy steps. After a slightly hesitant start they both were up for anything and really picking the steps up quickly.

I was really proud of them for what they achieved in just one session of 2 hours! Check out the video at the end of their rehearsal and also the beautiful picture of their first dance on the big day!

Congratulations Ryan and Gemma. xx


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