Friday, 27 May 2011

Sally’s Hen Night Dance Party

Sally has always cut a mean figure on the dance floor so the hens decided that our hen dancing party would be perfect for her.
We began with a warm up to a bit of Gaga. A lot of the hens really didnt know what to expect but they soon got in the groove of things. After a few warm up moves we tried a few dance steps and although some of the girls were a bit unsure of their dance skills I think they surprised themselves with what they could do!
Then it was time to crack on with the routine! After much previous deliberation the hens decided that Groove Is In The Heart by Deelite would be a perfect choice for a song.

I like to mix in some fun patterns as well as moves in a routine and so everyone got into positions (with Sally the hen at the front of course) and the hens danced their hears out for the next 45 minutes. 

Break time! We broke open the bubbly and began to accessorise! The girls had lots of laughs trying on all the bits and bobs. I always enjoy the diversity of styles everyone comes up with when they dress up!

It was then time for the final performance! I was so impressed by how much everyone had learned in an couple of hours and how well they worked as a team. Well done girls!!

All in all it was a great fun evening and start to the big hen weekend!


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  1. I had the best time, with the best teacher! Kerry did a fab job of making everyone at ease to enjoy the session. Great start to my weekend! Thank you so much Kerry, Sally x