Saturday, 7 May 2011

Local Wedding Suppliers

I have recently begun to ‘tweet’! I am very new to the whole affair and very much finding my way around, but in looking for ‘tweeps’ to follow, it has struck me how many great local wedding businesses there are around.

As a wedding dance teacher I am often one of the last in on the act in wedding preparation – either when the Bride / Groom suddenly acquires fancy ideas, or just as frequently when it hits the Groom / Bride (usually in that order) that they can’t escape that long three minutes on the dance floor and that they might as well have a few tricks up their sleeve! It is also best to leave it later for dance lessons as there is no point in having a fabulous routine a year in advance only to have completely forgotten it by the big day!

Because dancing is later on the list however,  I usually only work alongside the band and maybe the photographer. Consequently up until now I have had little contact with the rest of the wedding team.
I thought I’d mention here a few of my new found associates and I hope to share ideas and generally the fun of weddings a little more closely now I am  entwined in this social media jungle!
Just a quick mention to a few today, but I hope soon to put a list of all my faves together for the Oxfordshire / Warwickshire / Northamptonshire / couples.

So anyway, a big hello to the following…..

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