Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blog Organisation

A recent couple in rehearsal
I’m not usually too much of an organised person. I have fingers in so many different pies – running this my main business Take The Floor (wedding dance lessons); running the sister business Come To My Party (hen nights and childrens entertainment); singing with the acoustic duo Applejack, teaching street dance,  editing the Banbury NCT magazine, and above all running circles around my 2 crazy boys (7 months and 2 and a half). My other half despairs! I half finish the housework and leave open cupboard doors – ‘but the baby needed feeding half way through’ I protest! The fact is, although I can multitask (feed baby and update website no probs!) I am easily distracted and need lists and instructions to get me through!
So with my newly formed blogging intentions I thought I’d better give it some order to try sustain the habit.

  • Mondays - Couples Profiles.  I’ll focus on couples I have taught who have had their big day. I’ll follow them from rehearsals to the first dance itself and see how it all went. 
  • Wednesdays - Interview Day.  I’ll speak with other local wedding photographers, dress suppliers, wedding bands etc. 
  •  Fridays - Tips and Tricks. 
  • I’ll outline how to do the basic steps of some popular dances such as the Waltz and Salsa
  • I’ll list the current most popular wedding first songs for first dances
  • plus lots more top tips for wedding dances.

Those will be the regulars although I’m sure there’ll be bits and bobs popped in from time to time too. Make sure you subscribe or follow me to be kept in the know!

Now, I just need to find a way to help me remember put the lid back on the bread bin!

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